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Ford Etis 2012 Multi Torrent Watorsi

igo and hoy doy. ok, it's a big risk. if you're really committed it might be ok but remember, all bets are off if you want to migrate variante: I dont know exactly what I'll do, but I want to have a clean installation of Precise one time dist-upgrade to new version :) yeah, that'll work also I'd like to have some python2.7 backports, but not sure what that can break where can i find some info on that? dupondje: if you do it on a production server it might be dangerous !info python2.7 python2.7 (source: python2.7): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.7). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.2-0ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 2536 kB, installed size 5896 kB variant: I'm thinking to do a Virtualbox and play on there, I can backup and do clean install from there dupondje: I wouldnt suggest a new version of ubuntu to your production server as you are saying, but do it as i asked, it should work ok what do you suggest, upgrade to oneiric? to 12.04 that is yes, but use the -d option to do a development version ok tnx :) will do that :) but can't wait for it to be released then :) damn... still 24th... :( dupondje: you can always run the daily builds at at least I think that's what it's called daily build Good morning if any one is there

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